GOA Booty Oil



Bad gal beauty bar booty oil is specially formulated to radiate flawless, glowing, soft & blemish skin.

Everything a bad gal can dream of, all in a natural skincare product. Each time bad gal booty oil is applied to the skin - you are on your journey to rid your booty of stretch marks, scars, irritation & dryness ... welcoming hydration and a firm, blemish free booty.

Perfect for everyday repair: all skin types.

Perfect for full body use

Palmarosa oil is an Ayurvedic speciality which provides intense hydrating properties. This oil prevents dehydration, inflammation, breakouts & combats sun damage. With strong antiseptic & antibacterial properties - Palmarosa, native to India, treats skin conditions such as acne, eczema/psoriasis and heals cuts, scars & bruises.

Almond oil is an ancient Indian & middle eastern beauty ingredient, full of vitamin E & A, antioxidants & omega 3 fatty acids. Praised in Ayurveda for soothing dry skin & extreme moisturising properties - this bad ass oil improves skin complexion, tone and appearance. Almond oil is the holy grail to treat acne, heal sun damage & reduce the appearance of scarring & aging/sagging of the skin.

Vitamin E comes with amazing skin health, healing & appearance benefits - guaranteed to leave the skin blemish free & healthy. With properties to reduce inflammation + the recipe to keep the skin looking and feeling youthful & supple.

Dried calendula flowers target skin inflammation, itching, irritation & redness.


Naturally scented: Palmarosa comes from the lemongrass family – beautiful, fresh, all day citrus bad gal scent.


Bad gal benefits

⁃ Balances oil production & moisture levels in the skin

⁃ Leaves the skin feeling soft & healthy

⁃ Evens the skin tone & provides a natural glow

⁃ Fades the appearance of scars, blemishes & stretch marks

⁃ Rejuvenates the skin : provides extreme moisture & hydration

⁃ Targets redness & blotchy skin: evens skin tone, improves skin complexion & appearance.

- Treats dermatological skin conditions, such as eczema

- Anti-aging : tones & firms the skin

- Combats & prevents sun damage

- Promotes fast skin healing / antibacterial : for acne & breakout control + targets active breakouts.



All bad gal products are formulated & created by Pri - based on ancient, traditional & scientific evidence.
Ayurverdic products Based on the beauty regimes of Indian women.


To use: apply desired amount of drops directly onto skin & massage all over booty in a circular upwards motion, until absorbed.

For best results use daily.
Perfect to use after the shower.



Ingredients: palmarosa oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e oil, dried calendula flowers.


100% vegan. 100% cruelty free. 100% sustainably sourced. 100% for bad gals

Test patch before use
External use only

  • Store in a dark, cool, dry environment


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