Bad gal beauty bar rose water is a unique & must have addition to your skincare routine. 100% pure rose water infused with rose quartz crystals - the ultimate self love crystal, that harvest the energies of the full moon.

Rose water is a clear liquid which is a product of water & rose petals. Rose water has been traditionally & culturally used as medicine dating as far back as the 7th century, Middle East.

Bad gal, Cleopatra of Egypt - was documented to use this natural product in her beauty regime. Follow the footsteps of the most famous beauty icon for glowing & radiant skin.

With dermatological and healing benefits, this unique concept & formula is created by Pri - for all my bad gals to glow inside & out.

Exclusive to bad gal beauty bar

  • For all skin types


bad gal benefits:

  • Anti inflammatory & anti bacterial : soothes skin irritation & conditions, reduces skin redness, prevents acne & treats skin infections + conditions.
  • Reduces the appearance of scarring drastically.
  • Contains antioxidants : strengthens skin cells & regenerates skin tissues.
  • Removes dirt & oil from pores : deep cleanses & controls oil production.
  • Enhances the mood : eliminates feelings of anxiety, promotes emotional well being & relaxation.
  • Cleans the skin when used externally & when consumed internally

Rose quartz is the stone of forever peace & unconditional love. This natural healing stone promotes kindness, compassion & bad gal vibes. As the most important crystal for the heart & heart chakra - rose quartz teaches the true essence of self love, emotional healing, self acceptance, growth & change and positivity. Rose quartz opens & cleanses the heart chakra - allowing loving, peaceful and positive energy to freely flow...eliminating all negative fears, emotions, and balances.

The full moon is the most powerful of all the lunar phases - leaving a profound spiritual effect with purifying energy. This time of power encourages new paths of personal growth & positivity. Full moon crystal rituals allow one to harness the moon's energy in order to release what no longer serves us.

  • Crystals have been used to store energy received from surrounding environments, to enhance balance of all aspects since ancient times.
  • The full moon is the most powerful time to recharge energies, meditate & cleanse the chakras.

All bad gal products are formulated & created by Pri - based on ancient, traditional & scientific evidence. Ayurvedic products Based on the beauty regimes of Indian women.

TO USE : multiple uses

  • As a toner, after cleansing
  • Add a few drops to create a spreadable paste for bad gal beauty bar mask products : body masks, face masks & booty mask
  • Place a few drops on the head &/or heart to open the chakras
  • Add a few drops to bad gal beauty bar botanical facial steam blend
  • Add a few drops to any bad gal beauty tea blend
  • Add a few drops to drinking water to internally radiate the energies of rose quartz + the full moon

Ingredients: 100% rose water infused with natural, A+++ grade rose quartz crystal chips.

  • harvesting the energy of the full moon, personal for every baddie.


100% vegan. 100% cruelty free. 100% sustainably sourced. 100% for bad gals

Test patch before use

  • Store in a dark, cool, dry environment


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